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Vivre Invest LLC is a successful construction company with its headquarter in Sarasota, Florida. The company is specialized in the construction of individual one-family homes, designed in the British West Indies Style.

We offer consultancy for your real estate investment or/and your exclusive holiday rental and assist you all the way.

Individuality, class and unique design combined with a very fair price-performance ratio will convince you of our offers. We advise you competently and are open to your wishes in planning your new home. We are specialized in properties in the British West Indies style.

British West Indies Style

A breeze of the Caribbean at Florida’s West Coast

A cool breeze blows through the impressively designed entrance area, the architectural composition offers shady refuge areas and the interior underlines the comfort that you have enjoyed in your recent Caribbean vacation. British West Indies Style – named after the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean – is characterized by clean lines, covered verandas and a multitude of windows. The latter are made with the typical ribbed shutters that offer both: shadow and a timid breeze.

Holiday Rental

We rent out exquisite homes by the sea to give you the ultimate holiday feeling. Retreat in houses with great design, where the style of Miami meets the tranquility of a peaceful island. Enjoy stay in an exclusive atmosphere that suits exactly your taste.

Real Estate

Tangible assets – particularly real estate – are more popular than ever. Whether listed buildings, condominiums or apartment houses – the most important characteristic is quality.


Many wealthy investors are asking themselves whether this is the right time to think about an investment in the United States. Especially Florida, with its year-round pleasant climate, is currently in great demand.

This is due to:

  • Historically low purchase prices
  • Favourable exchange rates
  • Investing in another stable currency
  • The perfect weather conditions
  • Variety of Sports and recreational facilities
  • Easy access from Europe and other continents

What makes potential buyers hesitate?

  • Language barriers
  • Different legal system
  • Uncertainty in choosing the right partner
  • Uncertainty about costs and associated costs

Together with our partners we are enabling interested buyers to make a rational decision, based on what they see and experience. This means that we provide all the information needed to remove possible uncertainties.