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Urban life in Sarasota

Sarasota offers a lot more than the beach, water and wildlife. The city is known as the cultural centre of Florida and offers a variety of options for every age group. If you prefer a visit to the opera in the newly renovated Opera House, a visit to the theatre or rock festivals, clubs and hundreds of bars, in Sarasota no one gets easily bored.

The famous St. Armands Circle offers a real shopping treat with its over 145 shops, boutiques and restaurants that are built around a circle. Discover art galleries, jewellery and bookstores, while the beautiful walkways invite you to stroll. The Classic Cars Museum can be found at the airport, in the city centre John Ringling and his wife launched the Ringling Museum of Art and also spectacular is the Circus Museum at Cà d’Zan. The only thing that remains to be clarified – where do you go first?

And no matter where you are, you are never far away from the beach! Become a part of this amazing city, we will find the right property for you!

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Culture in Sarasota

Ringling Museum of Art

The successful ringmaster John Ringling (1866 – 1936) loved Italy and invested his money in European art. When he moved his winter retreat to Sarasota, he built a museum for his art collection together with his wife. The Ringling Museum of Art contains more than 600 sculptures, paintings and decorative art objects, but the impressive Rubens Gallery is the core of the collection. The Museum of Art is located on the property of the Ringlings, the Cà d’Zan.

Cà d`Zan

Cà d’Zan means “John’s house”. Modelled after a Venetian palace it is located on the Sarasota Bay and definitely worth a visit. The Circus Museum on the largest estate in the U.S. was built in just two years and has a marble terrace, a tower, a ballroom, a yard, a formal dining room, several bedrooms and a historic park with a rose garden. Most of the original furnishings have been preserved, reflecting the luxury of the former owner.

Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Although it might sound unusual at first, but this museum is something for Beatles fans! Among many other vintage cars there are also cars on display, which have been driven by John Lennon & Co. during their U.S. tour. It features over 75 cars – among others by Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Cadillac, DeLorean, Edsel and Ferrari – you can look forward to a very special journey through time!

Sarasota Chalk Festival

The Sarasota Chalk Festival is also a cultural event, which takes place once a year in November. The topic this in 2012 was “Circus City, USA”. The highlight is of course the huge 3D and 2D images that are painted with chalk on the street by hundreds of different artists. Around the festival, there are a variety of dance and musical performances, which are freely accessible to all!